CORE uses Operational Excellence to achieve


A national leader in program management, alternative project delivery methods, and cutting-edge construction technology with offices throughout the United States and US Territories.


The CORE Group, Ltd. is consistently recognized as one of the largest educational facility constructors in the United States. CORE delivers the high-quality service expected of a nationwide leader while utilizing a local workforce to ensure alignment with the surrounding community

Disaster Services

The CORE Group, Ltd. provides a variety of services throughout the United States and US Territories. CORE is committed to disaster recovery as a reflection of our focus on people, rebuilding the communities where we live and work.


The CORE Group, Ltd. has extensive medical and healthcare experience across multiple service lines in the United States. CORE has an exclusive partnership with a leading healthcare providers that employs nearly 21,000 mission partners in 124 locations.

Program Management

The CORE Group, Ltd. is responsible for Program Management of over $1B in capital programs in the K-12 market alone. CORE builds trust with the client and partnerships with the community in keeping with our founding principles.

Public/Private Partnerships

The CORE Group, Ltd. has deep national resources and relationships with the largest P3 developers in the world. As a national leader in alternative delivery methods, CORE participates in P3 projects across the United States allowing the public sector to effectively manage risk.
Jim Jacobs
CORE’s rich history started with one key moment in 1937, when our founder, Otto Baum, applied for a loan to start a masonry company. He had nothing to use as collateral except for his proven character and exemplary reputation. When the bank manager asked the loan officer why they should consider Otto’s request, the officer simply replied, “I trust him.” This event sparked the beginning of a company with a strong culture built on a mission to earn the trust of our employees, building partners, and clients.
Jim Jacobs